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(RED) -

The AIDS pandemic has been described as the greatest public health challenge the world has ever faced. And the epicenter of this crisis is Africa, where AIDS is the leading cause of death.

But, it is a preventable and treatable disease. In fact, the difference between life and death can come down to just two pills a day for a cost of around 40 cents a day. That’s 2 pills a day that could save the lives of the estimated 4,100 men, women and children who die in sub-Saharan Africa every day – people living with HIV AND AIDS who cannot afford to buy the medicine they need to stay alive.

67% of all HIV positive people live in sub-Saharan Africa, even though it is home to only 11% of the world's population. That’s 22 million people – more than all the people living in New York, equal to two-thirds of all of Canada’s population and more than the entire population of Australia. And unlike other regions, the majority of people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa are women – 55%.

Halting the spread of HIV is a key issue in fighting this pandemic and as a result, Global Fund and (RED) money finances both treatment and prevention activities. An estimated 5,205 Africans contract HIV every day including 1,000 African children. In total, 1.9 million people contracted HIV in sub-Saharan Africa during 2007.


HIV AND AIDS pose an enormous hurdle to economic development in Africa. Typically, the disease affects people in the most productive years of their lives. So, men and women who need to support their families can no longer do so, or worse, they die. In fact, an estimated 12.1 million African children under the age of 18 have lost at least one parent to HIV and AIDS. The result is families left severely handicapped by the disease, or in the worst case, households led by children. Children left without parents must fend for themselves.


Chris Rock

You buy a (RED) partner product, you help to save a life.

Once (RED) money arrives at the Global Fund every cent of it will then be allocated to one of the Global Fund (RED) grants with no overhead taken out. Currently there are Global Fund (RED) grants in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda and Swaziland.

The Global Fund is an acknowledged expert and leader in financing the fight against AIDS and (RED) partnered with the Fund to help invest (RED) money on the ground because of the Fund’s track record and its focus on grant performance and results. Read more about the Global Fund here.


This isn't JUST a list of some of the most desired brands around, it's also a list of (RED) partners.

These bold brands are leaders in changing the way we shop and give back. Each one of them gives a portion of their profits to save lives in Africa. Read below to see how your (RED) purchase makes an impact in Africa:

American Express, Apple, Converse, Dell, Emporio Armani, Gap, Hallmark, Starbucks, and Windows Vista.

For more information on (RED), please click here. ( To read the (RED) Blog, please click here.

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Target Target Gives $1 Million
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Malaak and Chris Rock Announce Gift at the Opening of The Bushwick Salvation Army Community Center's Newly Transformed Library

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Read about Ken Fredman, web developer and marketing executive in Manhattan.

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Read about Pam Cope, co-founder of the Touch A Life Foundation, in Dallas, TX.

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The Denise Amber Lee Foundation
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Coaltion to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers
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Angel Book of the Month

Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Greg Mortenson

Angel Website of the Month

FINCA International provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs.

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